The 4 Wonderful Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage davao



Hot stone massage is referred to as a natural therapy that uses warmed stones that are placed on the different parts of the client’s body to maximize the therapeutic perks of the treatment. The stones used for the treatment are often river rocks or other smooth-surfaced stones that’s made up of basalt. These stones are then heated in sanitizing water before they are used.

In addition, the basalt’s high iron content helps retain the heat in the stones during the Davao massage session. Adding up, hot stone massages are beneficial for both the patient’s physical and psychological levels. If you’re planning to try this massage out, better consult with your doctor first before trying. Certain people, especially pregnant women and people with high blood pressure are advised to refrain from this kind of treatment.


Here are some of the benefits of getting a hot stone massage:

Relaxes Tensed Muscles

The heat emitted by the stones helps relax all of your muscles, allowing the massage therapist to control your deep tissues efficiently. Overly tensed muscles can block the treatment’s benefits from the body; thus, if your muscles are overwhelmingly stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation your muscles need for the massage to be fully maximized. Body Bliss Spa, a Davao massage spa, offers what they call as ‘Ultimate Relaxation’. For two hours, one can experience the hot and relaxing combination of hot stone, ventosa, foot reflex, and whole body massage. A take-away for people who struggles with stiff shoulder and back pain.


Relieves Pain

While every single massage known to man can help relieve pain caused by a myriad of physical conditions, a hot stone massage therapy may provide a much greater relief because of the treatment’s intense nature. The hot stones also help massage therapists to enter deeper better than a Swedish massage that doesn’t use heat. Remember to let your therapist know if you’re feeling too much heat from the stones, you’ll experience harsh consequences if you don’t speak up.


An Improvement in Circulation

Generally, a massage therapist permits resetting the heated stones on pressure points on your body before the actual massage starts. As the heat from the stones enter deeper into your body tissues, you blood vessels start to open, an improved circulation, its aftermath. An increased circulation has the ability to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, which can easily ease your pain. On the other hand, a poor circulation can result to fatigue, which tenses the muscles and causes a buildup of fluid and lactic acid inside the muscles.


Mental Benefits

A hot stone massage can result in mental benefits as well as physical benefits in a lot of individuals. K1 Spa and Cafe, a spa down south of Davao, offers Warm Stone Massage. Hot stone and Swedish Massage awaits your tired and stiff muscles with this earthy massage ritual. Olive Leaf Wellness Spa offers the same relaxation for massage enthusiast. You may find that the new-found relaxation given to you with the help of this massage therapy helps ease some of your mental stress and even tension. Also this treatment can help cure symptoms of mental disorders, particularly anxiety and depression. While any kind of massage therapy can’t be considered a substitute for the traditional medical and psychiatric treatments, it can be a crucial piece in your treatment plan. These are just some of the benefits of a hot stone massage. If you want to confirm everything that’s stated above, visit a Davao spa near you today and you can confirm everything there. Remember to always consult your doctor first before trying this treatment out.

July 22, 2016