The Basics of Almond and Vitamin E Oil Massage

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A massage with the use of aromatic oils can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. There are a ton of benefits to receiving a massage, regardless of what type you want to try. Your massage therapist may have their own blend of oils; however, there are other therapists who would prefer to include almond oil and vitamin E oil.


Each of these oils has their own special properties, and both may help to soothe, soften and heal your skin when used in a Davao massage.


The Massage


According to the experts, a massage is a kind of therapy that manipulates your muscles and soft tissues to help improve your health and promote well-being. There are a couple of different types of massages available, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and Tui Na massage – this last is a branch of Chinese medicine.


Where these massages originated from is unclear, but they have been used for thousands of tears. Today, massage is often viewed as a form of luxury, being offered at spas and retreats all over the world. Although it may seem to be a luxury to some, it can actually be useful in the relief of pain and muscle tension, musculoskeletal problems, insomnia and swelling of tissues.


The Massage Oil


The type of oil a therapist uses would depend on a lot of factors. They may prefer certain oils for specific conditions or they may use an aromatherapy oil to help clear your sinuses or relieve your headache.


Even if there’s no specific reason for using particular oils, they’re helpful in guiding the motion of the therapist’s hands over your skin and muscles. The oil helps prevent abrasion or burning sensations on the skin, and it can even hold heat, warming up your muscles.


Almond Oil


Almond oil, especially the sweet variety, has a pleasant aroma that’s not too potent. It’s easily absorbed into the skin and may provide other health benefits in addition to its skin softening abilities.


According to the experts, almond oil has been used in complementary medicine circles for its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting potential. Although there’s no clinical evidence to support this claim, it has been found to be effective in reducing scarring after an operation. It can also help smooth the skin, improving both tone and complexion.


Essentially, adding almond oil to the massage oil mix can potentially increase your skin’s health.


Vitamin E Oil


Vitamin E has a reputation of being a skin-care ingredient, gracing all manner of products, from shampoos to lipstick. Experts found that vitamin E oil is an effective topical therapy in the management of hypertrophic scars and keloids. It may also be helpful if you have atopic dermatitis.


In addition, the effects of topical treatment of vitamins E and D on atopic dermatitis have beneficial effects on the recipient of the therapy.


The Considerations


Fusing these two oils in one massage oil is easy, and it shouldn’t cause any adverse interactions. However, it’s important to remember that, as with any other kind of skin-care product, you may have an allergic reaction to both oils. Therefore, before you even start with the Davao therapeutic massage therapy, it’s better to consult with your therapist first.

July 24, 2017