4 Signs That It’s Not Yet Time To Get A Massage


The relaxing feeling you get after a satisfying massage treatment could be tempting. Although getting a massage treatment can yield positive benefits to your body, it may be not the best thing for you to try out right now.

To help you determine when would be the right time for you to call a massage therapist and book for a Davao therapeutic massage treatment, you need to know the times when you’re not allowed to book such treatment. Below is a short guide for you to know when.


sickdayYes, massage can help boost your immune system and relieve muscle tension; however, if you’re body is currently battling the bacteria off your system, getting a massage treatment may worsen your current condition.

If you’re in the early stage of your sickness, getting a massage can increase its symptoms, making you feel terrible. Best if you just stay at home and get some rest. If you’re too sick to go to work, then you’re too sick to get a massage treatment.

Moreover, if you’re diagnosed with an infectious disease, there’s a high chance that your therapist and other clients can get sick as well. Thus, it’ll be best not to go.


intoxicatedGetting drunk and getting a massage afterwards isn’t a good idea. When you’re drunk, you won’t respond properly to what your therapist is doing to your body. Your therapist should know if the pressure applied to your body is enough or too much; and if you’re too intoxicated to respond, it could be a risk.




image-credit-goes-to-physioinmotion-dot-caWe all know that massages can help rehabilitate an injured muscle. However, that’s not always the case. There are instances that a massage may even make the injury even worse. Having an acute injury and massaging the injured area may hinder its full recovery.



image-credit-goes-to-cdc-dot-govThere are medical conditions that may get worse when you employ massage treatments to a patient. Likewise, for a person taking medications, it may be advised not to have massage. However, there may be modifications that a therapist can employ to still perform the treatment to the patient to suit to their needs.

These are just few of the instances where you can’t get a massage. It would be best not to get massaged when experiencing any one of these conditions to avoid further complications.

However, a good therapist will be able to deal with situations like this properly and still give clients treatments they deserve. There are certain adjustments that can be done in order to facilitate the procedure correctly.

Therefore, it’s important for you to inform the therapist prior to the session about your medical history. It’s also advisable to consult your doctor first before having the therapy and ask for a note that it’s safe to conduct the procedure.

Remember this guide and you’ll surely be safe from any risks that massage can cause to you. If you’re looking for the best spa & wellness centers in Davao to rejuvenate, just visit Davao Massage to learn more.

January 10, 2017