The Do’s and Don’ts In Getting A Massage

Getting a massage is a good way to relieve your body from the stress you’re feeling. However, in order to make the whole experience worth your time, you have to follow some guidelines.

To help you know what these guidelines are, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts when getting a therapeutic massage.

be-on-time-memeBE ON TIME

It’s a common courtesy to arrive on time for your appointment. Aside from making sure that the time allotted for your session is fully consumed, you may be spending some time filling out paper works. Thus, it’s advisable to arrive 5 to 15 minutes early to the spa center.




Although it’s not required, but it would be good for the both of you. Whether you’re going to the spa center or the therapist is just coming over for the session, it’s advisable.





A Massage may seem harmless; but for some, it could be dangerous. Thus, tell your therapist ahead of time regarding some injuries, surgeries, and even medications that you’re currently taking. This is to help the therapist decide which course of treatment they’d use on you.






Therapists would like to know if the pressure that they’re applying on you is just right or too much. Therefore, whenever you feel some discomfort during the treatment, it’s best to tell them. The whole therapy should be a relaxing and wonderful experience, not a therapy that you’re supposed to endure.




had-massage-memeLEAVE ON TIME

This is really important for the Therapists since they still have other clients to attend to. They still have to do some preparations before the next client arrives and they have to do it fast. Although it would be nice to spend some more time having chit-chat with your therapist, they still have to work.




Not all therapists are comfortable with the idea of their client smoking before the session. First, they may not be comfortable with the smell of smoke that sticks to your body. Second, the toxins taken in from smoking is passed to your therapist through your skin. If you can’t really stand a day without smoking,  do it after the session.





sick-massage-memeDON’T GO WHEN YOU’RE SICK

Going to the massage center when you’re sick isn’t doing any good for you, your therapist and for the other clients.

When you get a massage while you’re sick, it’ll just make your condition even worse. Furthermore, your therapist can’t afford to be sick since they have to work for a living. Moreover, other clients may also get infected by what you have. Therefore, none of you is going to benefit from it.

If you’re sick, just inform the massage center that you can’t make it. Ask them if you can just reschedule it when you’re better to have the massage session.



These are just few of the things that you need to remember before getting a massage. Looking for the best spa in Davao? Just visit Davao Massage to learn more.



November 24, 2016